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Custom Wearable Heat Transfer
Custom Wearable Heat Transfer
Custom Wearable Heat Transfer
Load image into Gallery viewer, Custom Wearable Heat Transfer
Load image into Gallery viewer, Custom Wearable Heat Transfer
Load image into Gallery viewer, Custom Wearable Heat Transfer

Custom Wearable Heat Transfer

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Vibrant, durable, stretchy, and easy to press! Vibrant colors, excellent hand. Our heat transfers have brilliant colors that pop on both light and dark fabrics.

Our process prints millions of colors and gradients, allowing us to reproduce almost any artwork, no matter how complex. We can render fine detail as small as 1 mm tall without requiring ugly traps or borders

Your designs can be any size from tiny all the way up to up to 16.5x11.7”. Just find the right size category that’s right for you!

Choosing the right size category:

Size cheat sheet:

  • Wearable / Blocker: 2.5x2.5”, 4x4”, 8.3x5.8”, 11.7x4.25”, 11.7x8.3”, 16.5x5.85”, 16.5x11.7”
  • Headwear: 2.5x2.5’, 4.7x2.8”

What files types work best?

We prefer vector PDF, but we can accept other file types through our designer.

Vector Art Files: Adobe Illustrator

  • CMYK strongly recommended (RGB will be converted)
  • Optional: Pantone (PMS colorbook codes only)
  • Convert fonts to outlines
  • Convert strokes to objects
  • Embed any linked images
  • Save as PDF (also acceptable: .ai, .eps)

Raster/Bitmaps Art Files: Adobe Photoshop

  • CMYK strongly recommended (RGB will be converted)
  • 300-900dpi recommended (or send the best you have)
  • Use a transparent background for free-floating art
  • No fades or glows on free-floating art (Use clipping path to make sharp edges)
  • Save as PDF (also acceptable: .psd, .tiff, .eps, .png, .jpg)

How do I optimize my files for printing?

Check line weights and make sure free-floating lines are 1pt (0.35 mm) minimum.

Convert fonts to outlines or shapes.

What if I am not sure if my artwork is set up correctly?

We will review all artwork submitted and notify you if there are any issues. We will work with you to make sure that we help you print the best transfers possible.

Does Cloud 9 Designs provide art proofs?

Yes, once you submit your order, our team will review your design and provide a proof for you to approve online within 1-2 business days. This will allow you to double check your artwork for the correct spelling, size and colors before the order goes to production.

More Information:

What makes our transfers so high quality?

We use the best printer and inks to make high-quality heat transfers so that anyone with a heat press can become a professional printer. The result is the most efficient and versatile heat transfer available.

What makes our heat transfers unique?

We use the convenience of digital printing to allow anyone with a heat press to customize textiles with premium-quality printing.

How fast can you print my transfers?

Once the artwork is approved, your transfers will be shipped within the week depending on the size of your order.

Are there other fees to consider?

If you upload a design that does not meet our art requirements, you may incur an art conversion fee which starts at $10+ depending on the complexity of your design. To avoid this fee you can provide a vector file or use designs that are available wthin the designer. Shipping is not included in the price of the transfers.

Does Cloud 9 Designs have a minimum order quantity?

No, you can order one heat transfer or 1000+. Reach out for large orders and custom designs.

Does Cloud 9 charge by the color?

You can print unlimited colors and gradients. We do not charge by the color. The price is the same whether you print one color or a million.

What if there is a problem with my order?

Please inspect your order upon receiving it. If there is a problem, notify us within 10 business days of receipt by emailing us. Provide us with your job number and details about the problem. We will work with you to resolve the issue.

Pressing Questions

What kind of peel or release do Cloud 9 transfers have?

Our transfers are designed to peel after cooling down from pressing. 

What kind of heat press is required to apply our heat transfers?

Our heat transfers are professional-grade that are designed to work with a commercial or at home heat press. Our transfers can work with both an air operated heat press or a manual heat press.
Important: Our heat transfers are not designed to be pressed with a domestic iron.


Can you help me troubleshoot with pressing?

Not all heat presses are created equal!

If you are using a Manual Press and are having issues they may be due to insufficient pressure. Pressure should be firm to very firm pressure. The trick is to find the firmest pressure without the possibility of damaging the fabric. Each press is unique!

Reach out for custom sizes and quantities!

Please email your artwork to us: Sierra@Cloud9Designs.com

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